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The Divergent Trilogy : #1 Divergent

It has been a long time since I last wrote my blog post in English lol
This post I am going to talk about Divergent, which serves as a movie review and also a book review.

So before I start anything, I need to confess that I am not a keen English novels reader. To be honest I read Chinese novels more, which is my mother tongue and also my favourite language. However I watch English movies more than Chinese movie which maybe because English movies have more choices than the Chinese one? haha
Well, get back to the title: Divergent.
I knew this movie from my besty, who is a huge fan of English novels and she has been anticipated for this trilogy to be made into movies like long long time ago. She watched the movie before I did and told me that the movie was awesome and etc lol (You can read her review on Divergent here, she writes good review =D) I'm unable to catch the movie in the cinema as I was in Matriculation College which is kinda isolated (I know every MOE Matric College does). So I bought the disc about 3 days ago and watched it in my own "cinema" =P

This movie made me totally fallen for this trilogy, not to deny that a big factor is the casts. ♥
Theo James as Four aka Tobias Eaton and Shailene Woodley as Tris aka Beatrice Prior, the male and female main casts of the movie.
Tris and Four on their first met =D
They did some edit to the movie when comparing it to the book. Eric became the one to lead them to the roof of seven stories building instead of Max, Christina is shorter than Tris in the movie while it is the reverse in the book, Natalie (Tris's mother) is actually a Divergent herself in the book while she's just a transfer in the movie, the aptitude test, the fears of Tris and some other more details which you could tell if you read the book and watched the movie.
Four revealing his tattoo to Tris =3
The biggest part that attracted me is the subplot, which is the love story of Four and Tris. I might not be that attracted if I only read the book alone, Theo and Shailene really brought the characters alive in my thought. Their love story goes in a slow pace due to their character. They don't trust people easily as they both hold a dangerous secret themselves. But their feelings to each other grows gradually when they get through the obstacles.
This is just so sweet and romantic ♥
I'm not trying to be lusty or longing for skinships lol but I hope they have more contact just like the book, for example the confining box and the train. Oh and also when Four is drunk and told Tris that she is pretty in the skirt and make-up. =P They just look so awesome when put together as a pair of couple hehe. 

Some characters are missing from the movie like Uriah, Zeke and Max. Uriah is more important than Zeke and Max though. He invites Tris to the initiates ritual in the book but not like in the movie that they went to the ride right after the capture the flag game. The book is picturing many details and the movie can't take all into its account, or the movie might become too long and boring. Contradictory, Jeanie is getting more scenes and playing a more important role than she does in the book.

Tris and Four on the train travelling beyond the fence
Well, the ending of the movie didn't change much, Tris's parents died for protecting her and to save the Abnegation people. Tris and Four managed to escape from the headquarters of Dauntless together with Caleb, Marcus and Peter. Jeanie was injected the serum to wipe the program and stopped the massacre against the Abnegation in the movie while Four did that in the book. So, the movie ends here.

Insurgent is the 2nd book of the trilogy which is in filming process. The estimated time for it to release is 2015 which is next time. I'm kinda looking forward to this movie as the first one already attracted me this much. I've done reading the 1st book, in pdf (I actually downloaded the ebooks of the whole series xD) which is about 200 pages in 3 days time hehe. To be honest that I seldom read English novel and not in this speed lol. This amazed myself too. 

WARNING: BIG spoiler ahead if you haven't read the trilogy. I accidentally spoiled the ending to my besty which made her lost her appetite to read the book (._.) I'm sorry. Because I really love this pair and can't wait to read the books to know the ending (there are 3 books and I'm not a fast reader) I googled for the ending. Actually it's a comment in Youtube that makes me so curious about the ending as it wrote that Tris DIED in Allegiant, the 3rd book of the Trilogy. (._.) And it is actually the real ending. Even Veronica wrote an article to talk about that as many fans object the ending. Seems like the happy-ever-after ending is not Veronica's favourite as she has her own thought on Tris.

Since the trilogy is made into movies, I hope that maybe Veronica can give a happy ending to the movie (as a variation) since she is the co-producer of the movie. This will be a big present for those fans that hope Tris and Four will have a happy ending. In case if they scare that this might mislead those who didn't read the book maybe they can acknowledge it after the movie ends. This can be a win-win situation to both Veronica and the fans =P

This movie is certainly going to be my favourite movie, with Theo and Shailene became my favourite actor and actress. ♥

Monday, June 30, 2014

转眼 · 瞬间

转眼 我从Matrik毕业了
去年的这个月份 我正在适应人生有史以来的第一次宿舍生活
去年的现在 我人在柔佛 吃着食堂的食物 做着功课 睡着宿舍的床
今年的这个月份 我正在家里无所事事游手好闲 ╮(╯▽╰)╭
今年的现在 我人在家里 吃着家里的食物 上着网 睡着家里的床 ♥ 
好幸福 哈哈

有博客的朋友 好像都不约而同的已经把自己的 “毕业感言” 写上来了
只有我 什么都还没写 什么都还没说吧
不知道为什么 就是没有想写东西的感觉 就这样让它过去了
我的博客没有固定的读者 可能也因为我没有固定地发文?
哈哈 随便啦 反正我又不是什么名人 开心就好嘛

当4月30日时 也就是去年的这个日期 朋友们很呱噪
面子书上的状态全部都是关于当年自己的决定 这个怎样 那个怎样的 哈哈
我当时没有赶上潮流 只是默默的看着这些状态刷新我的主页 =P
说实在 问我有没有后悔走上Matrik这条路
我觉得   我没有
因为如果我没有去Matrik 我就不会认识现在的这群朋友
不会有那么不一样的体验 不会对感情有更深的领悟
不会大老远的跑去柔佛 (根本就是反方向的两个地方 =_= )
更不会有现在这个无所事事的假期 =P

跟我同一栋宿舍的朋友们约了要出行 但是最终没有去成 算遗憾吧 =]
看着朋友们到处去玩 我只能说 我也想去啦 (≧﹏≦)
只是时间都配合不来 只有放弃了
感觉可惜 只能叹是有缘无分咯

说起来 有这段回忆 我很感激 =)
感谢在那里 无论什么时候都支持我的人
因为你的支持 让我在异乡里觉得很温暖
感谢在那里 让我觉得沮丧 伤心的人
不为什么 因为你让我变得更坚强 更懂人情世故
感谢在那里 跟我分享秘密 有什么事情都会第一个想到我的人
因为有你 让我觉得原来我也可以在别人心里有重要的地位
感谢上天让我遇见了你 回忆有苦有甜 才更有乐趣

如今和那里的朋友分隔各地 和中学的朋友也分隔各地
距离是一种考验 能够通过的人到底有多少 没有人清楚
天真的希望友情能永久不变 哈哈 希望吧希望

瞬间 一眼万年
昔日的回忆 在脑海里重复播映
往日的欢声笑语 现在只成追忆
转眼 瞬间 欢笑 泪水
过去 回忆 将来 期待
希望我的人生 依然页页精彩 =)

Friday, March 14, 2014


才发现原来刚刚的那篇文字是我2014年 在这里的第一篇文字
虽然不是最开心的一篇 但是是很重要的一篇
这里是我抒发心情的地方 感谢你阅读我的牢骚
这个部落格在2014 依旧存在 =)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

癌·人生 [AXA AFFIN 110 Cancer Care]

AXA AFFIN和马来西亚国家癌症协会(NCSM)将会在这个项目中合作,以支持目前正在接受医疗的癌症患者。每一个链接回AXA AFFIN 110CancerCare网站的博客,AXA AFFIN将资助癌症患者医疗中心的使用费用。简单来说,你写的一篇文将资助一位癌症患者的一天NCSM Treatment Centre 费用。



再好好地答谢她对我的养育之恩,我很感恩 =)

任何一位部落客如果也对这项项目有兴趣,可以联络Cassie ( / (016-833 8117)
文章本身没有太多的限制,只要是关于癌症都可以。只需要在文章提及AXA或者简单地介绍这个计划, 然后链接 “AXA”或者 “110 CancerCare”的字眼到 这个网页就可以了。更多详细的资料,也可以从网站上找到 =)