Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January ❀

The first month of a year
The start of a new life
I've graduated from my high school last year
and I'm currently waiting for my result at home lol
obviously I'm jobless
I wished to find a job
but my parents didn't allow me to
Fine, I just gonna rot at home.

This month is not really tough
as I'm becoming a couch potato orz
and also an internet maniac
Joined some new forums
To be exact it's 2
which are Kpop fans forum. ^^
I'm now quite into Kpop for the sake of this group
❤ B1A4 ❤
They are a Korean group which debut in 2011
with the song 'Beautiful Target'
I didn't notice them at that time
But I discovered them later
during the Baby Good Night era ❤

They made their come back in Nov 2012
It's their 3rd mini album "In The Wind"
this is how the album looks like
indeed a daebak! ^^
(fyi daebak means great or big success in Korean)
I bought the album in Dec
But it only reach me 2 weeks ago. 
Kinda annoyed.

Yet, it's a wonderful January for me
I went out with my friends to the Escape theme park 2 days ago
For more information click the official website
It's a theme park with wonderful facilities
but you need to be brave enough to conquer them
with only a thick rope attached to a pulley
and the pulley is in a thick cable as the safety precaution
You need to climb or walk at a double or triple storeys' height
sometimes you only walk on a cable with the assist of two other cables lol
It's a must go for those who likes challenges

Oh ya, I celebrated a besty's birthday with another besty.
We went to Straits Quay Mall and had our brunch there
The foods were delicious. ❤ 
We actually planned to have a high tea set.
But it's not available during that session.
These are a full view of the foods we ordered
Especially like this dish:
Eggs Benedicts on Toasted English Muffins
It's really delicous. ❤

January is coming to its end
there is still 2 days to end the January in my timezone.
Farewell Jan, Welcome Feb
Looking forward the the Feb as it has Chinese New Year ^^V

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