Friday, February 1, 2013

February - Take 1

It's just the start of February
today is the 1st of Feb 
wondering what would happen throughout this month *smirks*

This Sunday I'm going to hang out with friends
Planning to get a dress or bag or shoes?
I don't know which one should I get first
But tbh the most unnecessary is dress lol
My current bag is not mine, I borrowed it from my sis
My shoes are worn too, so I threw it away
I am extravagant? Maybe a little bit
But the worn shoes have a age of 2 years
and my bag is torn too as it's old.
Because Chinese New Year is coming
So I decided to buy some new one

As a Chinese, Chinese New Year is an important event
It means the start of a new year in the Lunar calendar
It's also related to an old legend 
(for more info about it click this)
But the atmosphere of Chinese New Year is not that strong this year
It gives me and my family a feeling that the Chinese New Year is so far
but actually it's just a week later. lol

Started to think about my SPM result. Tsk. Kinda worried.
But blah, it still has one month more to reveal.
Lets just hope it will be a nice February. ❤

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