Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's the DAY

End of March, April's coming. On 21st of March, it's a very important date for 2012 school leavers.
because it is _ _ _ results taking day. (fill in the blanks?)
yup, SPM / Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (for full), the most important certificate you must get
after you left secondary school if you want to further your studies

On 20th, My friends and I went to another friend's house to stay overnight.
My dad don't really want to let me do that, but my mum agree me to.
Hooray, thank you so much mum, love you ♥
We woke up early in the morning, gathered then had breakfast together
after that we went to the friend's house, which located at the half way of the Teluk Bahang hill
considered quite far away from the central of the restrict 
From her house, we can get a nice view of the Malacca Strait. A nice place to see sunset too ♥
Here are some proves for you =P
taken with Photorama on my Nokia N8
The sunset is starting
The sun is completely out from our view
Around 8pm. it looks so fake. lol
I know you may say, What a nice place to live! 
But in my opinion, not really. It's really way too far to reach any central zone. 
so I give up on living in such area. Lol

Then at night we went to the night market. Reached home around 11? or 12?
I don't really remember lol But I know it's the very first time in my life 
to hang out with friends until so late in night. \(≧▽≦)/
Then we gathered in one room, listened to some ghost story
A friend (the only one) who went to National Service shared the stories to us
Well, the "story telling" session finished at about 2am. Many of us already too sleepy so we didn't continue.
Some boys "escort" us (the girls) to our room, while some of the boys already fell asleep LOL
the remaining boys cook themselves some supper before they went to bed.
Ok now, girls power! Lol. We girls were quiet at the first place, after saying good night to each other.
After some times, I'm not pretty sure how long it is although i can see the clock clearly 
someone started to talk, "I can't sleep" then it's like a magic, everyone started to talk lol
We girls are a little anxious about our results, then we discussed about the questions, 
bla bla bla and so on, we chit chat until 3am. lol
then we were curious that whether the boys were in the same situation as us or not?
then we went to their room and checked them out, BUT they were all asleep.
some of them became semi-awake when we opened the door haha
The boys were teasing us earlier that they would took photograph of our sleeping face
but looks like we girls stood more chances to succeed, we didn't do it though O(∩_∩)O
Then we back to our room, continue the chitchat. 
Around 4am (the last reading of the clock before I fell asleep) everyone quiet down and we slept

The next morning, I woke up many times (means semi-awake)
when the first alarm rang; when my friend's sis came into the room; when the second alarm rang
and finally the third alarm (my own alarm) which I set it to ring at 7.30am
woke me up, and also the whole room. lol
We woke up and got ourselves ready. Oh Dear God, it's the day.
21st of March
after everyone got ready, we went to eat our breakfast together at the market.
All of us were wearing the same shirt. that's so wonderful =D
due to some technical problem we were later for about 5 or 10 minutes when we reached school lol
some of us were called to go upstairs, while some remained downstairs
We clearly knew that those who were called to go up, the results will be quite nice, at least 5/6 As

This year, our batch BREAK the record! ~\(≧▽≦)/~
One of my besties (i purposely mention this =P) got straight A+s!!! The record of our school!
Congratulation to her! All her hard works pay off.
Then my another besty (again =P) got straight As too! 9A+s and 2As
also a new record for our school, because no one get more than 8A+s / A1s before i think
after the new syllabus is introduced. Congrats! ♥
Then my another cat-like besty and I got straight As too ~\(≧▽≦)/~
We have 7A+s, 1A and 2A-s, hahaha XD
Our results are totally same on the amounts of As. But our A-s are on different subjects hehe
And then, one of my besties who likes singing very much also got straight As! ^o^
And another boy got straight As too!
Congratulation to all of us! ♥♥♥
친구 축하해요! ♥
After that almost the same gang went to celebration again, added some new members
and some original members were too tired to go to celebrate haha

So that's how I passed the DAY
Thanks to all the friends and teachers who aids me whenever I have any problem on my studies
and thanks to my parents who loves me and support me no matter what
오마 아빠 감사합니다 ♥ 선생님 고맙습니다 ★ 친구야 고마워요 ♥

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