Thursday, April 18, 2013

2nd Interview On The Go

From the post title I know you sure will know what I'll be talking about. Yes, I got another interview to go. 
I applied for the JPA scholarship and yet I got the interview. 
Well, you might say, "cheh, just an interview, it's not like you got the scholarship". 
I know I know, but that's just excited that I got the interview. 
As my result is not really top, it only reach the basic limit for the scholarship.

Ok, let me introduce a little about the scholarship. 
This year JPA only prepare scholarships for Engineering, and for the previous year too. 
It's a scholarship for all types of Engineering. You get to choose which course you want to pursue.
Basically, they will give the scholarships to 300 candidates. There are 4 countries to let you choose. 
So that means about 75(?) candidates for each country? 
I was having a hard time to choose between Germany and France while filling up the application form. 
Germany - Brandenburg Gate
France - Eiffel Tower ♥

Japan - Mount Fuji & Cherry blossom
South Korea - Gyeongbok Palace

Well, a little info about me. I was a hardcore Anime fans before i turned into a hardcore K-poper.
Now I'm both a k-poper and anime fans. lol  So, Japan and Korea are both attractive to me.
But I didn't choose them as they only provide the course till diploma which is not really strong for future. Imagine if everyone holding a Degree or even Master and you're only with a Diploma? (ok, that's disaster lol)

I think many of you know that Germany is famous for it's engineering course.
Even my parents also recommend me to choose that. But, in the end, I chose France ╮(╯▽╰)╭
I have no idea, but maybe I feel that it's romantic here. You may say that I'm quite idealism. But I believe that every girl will hope for some romance no matter what age she's at. I'm just an ordinary girl.
I have a dream to travel all around the world. \(≧▽≦)/ I believe many others have this dream too.
It's so nice to visit many places. and also I have a dream to study at foreign country.
From this I can know the country's culture and know the country better.
Again, wish me luck on this. :) seems like it's not an easy one. Oh Dear God.


  1. Replies
    1. We can't decide the major until we are in the course. :)

    2. Germany is better duh, seriously!!! I wish to go Germany instead of the Sates!!! =]

    3. Oh. I also heard that Germany is better in Engineering. But i think mostly in Mechanical engineering? I'm not fond of mechanical engineering. =)