Friday, April 12, 2013

Scholarship interview

I'm going to KL, Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia today. lol
I will be going there by bus with another 2 friends.
A little excited because it's the first time to sit a long journey bus
without teacher or parents going with me. A new experience.

So, I'm going there for 4 days including today.
What will I do there? Of course I'm not going on vacation.
I'm going for an interview, a scholarship interview.
I applied for the Petronas scholapship, and out of my surprise I got it.
When I got the sms, "Congratulation, you are short-listed for the Youngstars Day..."
I was like what?! I got it?! woohoo.
But the second thing that came to my mind was, how am I going to the venue? >_<
After I discussed with my two besties, found out that we three got short-listed
We made up a plan, going there by long journey bus.
It's kind of a luxury I suppose, with toilet, foods and drinks provided (woots?!)
I never boarded a bus like that before. lol
The buses I'd board before were just normal buses.
One deck, none of the facilities mentioned above is available.
Now it's a double-decker. Kinda excited about that. 

My interview is on Sunday, 14th April
I searched on a forum that many people got short-listed too.
I am really surprised that I was short-listed, there are many others better than me.
Well, I don't know whether I will get the scholarship successfully or not.
But I want to take this interview as an experience.
Because I probably will be going to some other interview too.
(I wish I'm short-listed for other scholarships too)
Chemical Engineering, I don't really know what is it 
But I applied for it as I like Chemistry.

Best of luck to me, and also to my two besties. 
화이팅! ♥