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The Divergent Trilogy : #1 Divergent

It has been a long time since I last wrote my blog post in English lol
This post I am going to talk about Divergent, which serves as a movie review and also a book review.

So before I start anything, I need to confess that I am not a keen English novels reader. To be honest I read Chinese novels more, which is my mother tongue and also my favourite language. However I watch English movies more than Chinese movie which maybe because English movies have more choices than the Chinese one? haha
Well, get back to the title: Divergent.
I knew this movie from my besty, who is a huge fan of English novels and she has been anticipated for this trilogy to be made into movies like long long time ago. She watched the movie before I did and told me that the movie was awesome and etc lol (You can read her review on Divergent here, she writes good review =D) I'm unable to catch the movie in the cinema as I was in Matriculation College which is kinda isolated (I know every MOE Matric College does). So I bought the disc about 3 days ago and watched it in my own "cinema" =P

This movie made me totally fallen for this trilogy, not to deny that a big factor is the casts. ♥
Theo James as Four aka Tobias Eaton and Shailene Woodley as Tris aka Beatrice Prior, the male and female main casts of the movie.
Tris and Four on their first met =D
They did some edit to the movie when comparing it to the book. Eric became the one to lead them to the roof of seven stories building instead of Max, Christina is shorter than Tris in the movie while it is the reverse in the book, Natalie (Tris's mother) is actually a Divergent herself in the book while she's just a transfer in the movie, the aptitude test, the fears of Tris and some other more details which you could tell if you read the book and watched the movie.
Four revealing his tattoo to Tris =3
The biggest part that attracted me is the subplot, which is the love story of Four and Tris. I might not be that attracted if I only read the book alone, Theo and Shailene really brought the characters alive in my thought. Their love story goes in a slow pace due to their character. They don't trust people easily as they both hold a dangerous secret themselves. But their feelings to each other grows gradually when they get through the obstacles.
This is just so sweet and romantic ♥
I'm not trying to be lusty or longing for skinships lol but I hope they have more contact just like the book, for example the confining box and the train. Oh and also when Four is drunk and told Tris that she is pretty in the skirt and make-up. =P They just look so awesome when put together as a pair of couple hehe. 

Some characters are missing from the movie like Uriah, Zeke and Max. Uriah is more important than Zeke and Max though. He invites Tris to the initiates ritual in the book but not like in the movie that they went to the ride right after the capture the flag game. The book is picturing many details and the movie can't take all into its account, or the movie might become too long and boring. Contradictory, Jeanie is getting more scenes and playing a more important role than she does in the book.

Tris and Four on the train travelling beyond the fence
Well, the ending of the movie didn't change much, Tris's parents died for protecting her and to save the Abnegation people. Tris and Four managed to escape from the headquarters of Dauntless together with Caleb, Marcus and Peter. Jeanie was injected the serum to wipe the program and stopped the massacre against the Abnegation in the movie while Four did that in the book. So, the movie ends here.

Insurgent is the 2nd book of the trilogy which is in filming process. The estimated time for it to release is 2015 which is next time. I'm kinda looking forward to this movie as the first one already attracted me this much. I've done reading the 1st book, in pdf (I actually downloaded the ebooks of the whole series xD) which is about 200 pages in 3 days time hehe. To be honest that I seldom read English novel and not in this speed lol. This amazed myself too. 

WARNING: BIG spoiler ahead if you haven't read the trilogy. I accidentally spoiled the ending to my besty which made her lost her appetite to read the book (._.) I'm sorry. Because I really love this pair and can't wait to read the books to know the ending (there are 3 books and I'm not a fast reader) I googled for the ending. Actually it's a comment in Youtube that makes me so curious about the ending as it wrote that Tris DIED in Allegiant, the 3rd book of the Trilogy. (._.) And it is actually the real ending. Even Veronica wrote an article to talk about that as many fans object the ending. Seems like the happy-ever-after ending is not Veronica's favourite as she has her own thought on Tris.

Since the trilogy is made into movies, I hope that maybe Veronica can give a happy ending to the movie (as a variation) since she is the co-producer of the movie. This will be a big present for those fans that hope Tris and Four will have a happy ending. In case if they scare that this might mislead those who didn't read the book maybe they can acknowledge it after the movie ends. This can be a win-win situation to both Veronica and the fans =P

This movie is certainly going to be my favourite movie, with Theo and Shailene became my favourite actor and actress. ♥

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